What Our Customers Are Saying


Very pleasant, good people, and good workers! Would definitely hire again!

                                                                                                                                                        ~ Arlene Hansen

Overall, very good! It’s a beautiful fence! 

                                                                                                                                                          ~ Anne Merrifield

Great to work with. Glad we contracted your firm. Excellent job on clean-up and job site clutter-free.

                                                                                                                                             ~ Dale & Dianne Huhtane

Double J was efficient, did what they said, a real pleasure to work with. You have a great line of equipment to do the type of work required by us which made for speed and thoroughness.

                                                                                                                               ~ Reynolds Constructions Co., Inc.

Scott did an excellent job consulting me about different options and was very knowledgeable and trustworthy! Felt no pressure like salespeople would do. The experience was as good as it gets! 

                                                                                                                                     ~ Ladder of Learning Preschool

Double J was just the right choice for me. Jim helped me find exactly the right fence within my budget. I could not be more grateful. Tahoe, my dog, loves the fence too! 

                                                                                                                                                              ~ Marissa Maries

Very professional and courteous employees!

                                                                                                                                                          ~ Dan & April Berk

Jim, Levi, and Crew, you guys are awesome! I so appreciate you! Thank you kindly for fixing my fence. Best fencing company in Montana!!!

                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Jeff Reich

Very professional! We had an idea for a gate and you did extra details to make it appear before our eyes. Thank you! Our idea of an arch looks so great and the cows have not been able to get into our yard, even though they tried and tried. The arch is a nice entry to our property. 

                                                                                                                                                   ~ John and Ivie Wilson

Thanks so much for the great fence. We love it! 

                                                                                                                                                    ~Marc & Deb Steinberg

From the time I contacted Double J, I had a good feeling that I had found the right company for the job and they did not disappoint! Thank you for the great looking gates and upgrading all my horse fence. The carpentry on the garage was spot on (Randy). Thank you, Levi, for the awesome sign!

                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Rene Daigle

Encouraged to hear about veterans working for, and owned by, a veteran. Does my heart well to know we are welcoming home warriors and taking care of them. I enjoyed getting to know Jim and some of the workers at a local job site. Everyone I spoke with was courteous and professional

                                                                                                                                                      ~ Eric & Ginger Belker

Our family has lived on this small ranch in the Rocky Mountains for nearly 80 years. It’s hand-built log structures and rocky, mountainous landscape hold all of my and my brother’s most important family memories, including our final memories of our mother.

Five years ago our mother began a steep decline from the ravages of dementia. We were committed to giving her the best possible care and to keeping her with us on the ranch. We quickly learned it would take a community to do that. Dementia is often referred to as the long goodbye, and it is. In her last year of life, my mother knew only two things for sure, her address–1968 Rimini Road–and the words to the Hail Mary.

This is where Double J Fencing came in. During my mother’s long decline we were forced to accommodate a Federal Forest Highway thru the middle of our ranch. Fences were torn out, our gateway removed and the ranch left unfenced for two years on the open range. In the past year construction on the road finally reached a point we could replace our gateway.

How to design it, how much it would cost and who could we trust to take on the work were all questions to research, on top of the 24×7 care of our mother.

After interviewing several other companies, the day I met Jim Vargovich was the deciding point. His optimism and energy first caught my attention, then his immediate understanding and compassion for our situation followed. In a matter of a couple of hours, there was no question Double J Fencing would do our gateway and the remainder of the fencing we needed.

Jim told me, “If you can dream it, we can build it!” So I did a little dreaming, consulted with my brother and before long we began to think of the new gateway as a wonderful way to commemorate our mother’s love of this place and her many artistic talents. Jim’s caring interest allowed time for real conversation and in no time inspiration struck.

We would use a sign my mother made in the Adirondack style when she was 12 years old. It said Pine Ridge, the name she and her parents gave this place back in the 1940s. We combined it with a hand drawn bear design she created and cut out of the tin to first decorate our old gateway.

The bear concept grew into representations of a sow bear repeatedly spotted on our ranch. This particular bear has twice produced twins, a red and a black cub. Twenty years ago we once had the privilege of spotting a huge red male bear in a nearby Gulch, no doubt these cubs are grand-cubs of his. It all seemed right.

So, the designing began, a very enjoyable and interactive process. Jim was right, Double J could create our dream.

My mother passed away February 27, 2017. A few short weeks later the weather allowed our new gateway to be installed in her honor. So many people at Double J participated in the planning, design, fabrication, and construction I asked Jim if we could capture their names somehow to remember them and the pride they took in their work. He did us one better and designed a plaque for the gateway dedicating it to our mother and naming those who participated.

It was only after the new gates were installed that I realized the three bears could also represent the three of us, together here in this beloved place for as long as possible as a family.

                                                                                                                                                                       ~Diane Tipton

Double J has been a dream to work with. The service and product were excellent, and particularly distinguishing was the communication from Jim.

~ Brenda Wilkins

Very satisfied with the product, the service and the company overall. Very likely to recommend Double J Fencing, Inc. to others. Thanks for a job well done!

~ J.Reich, Hamilton MT

Extremely satisfied with the product I received, as well as the service and the company. Very likely to contact them again for future fencing needs. Very likely to recommend this company to others. I cannot thank Double J enough. From Jim, coming out and looking at the job, to the guys coming & doing the work. Friendly, helpful & professional. And then not to forget Jasmin in the office, friendly, helpful & professional as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

~ A. Pierce, Missoula MT

Excellent crew! Devon is a Top-Notch fencer, foreman, and person. He deserves a raise, especially for dealing with all of our rocks and still producing an A+ fence! We are very satisfied with the product and service received as well as the company overall.  Very likely to recommend our product/service to others. In fact, we have already recommended Double J  to several other people!

~ J. & L. Barr, Victor MT

 Our experience with Double J Fencing, Inc. was very professional, yet friendly. We are very pleased with the job they have done for us and would recommend them to others as well as use them again for any future fencing needs. Very satisfied with the service we received and the company overall.

~ J. & G. Zella, Hamilton MT

I found Double J. Fencing on the internet and the hardest part of this fence was calling their number. Your company took the headache out of this project. 110 % satisfied with the service received, 125 % satisfied with the company overall. The employees that worked on my place were skilled and very polite. The end product was more than I could have expected!  Will definitely contact them again for future fencing needs and will recommend them to others. Devon, Scott, and Jim were truly great people. They are always welcome at my place. 

~ Ed Rogers, Superior MT

We did an internet research & satisfaction research online to find Double J Fencing, Inc. We are extremely satisfied with the product, the service and the company overall. Our fencing needs came at a time when we were out of State, requiring all communication to be via Email, text, or by phone. The level of communication was exemplary, precise & thorough, complete with status photos! Double J Fencing, Inc. blends an old school work ethic and personalized attention with 21st-century technology. There is no question who we will contact with any future needs for any of the services your company provides. Thank you very much.

~ K. & G. Little, Florence MT

We have had Double J. Fencing from Victor out to do repair projects, new fencing, landscape work, tree work, construction, etc. They have always provided excellent work at very reasonable prices.

~ S. Sherick, Missoula MT

We noticed a fence job on a nearby road in Florence and contacted Double J Fencing. We are very satisfied with our overall experience and would definitely contact them again for future jobs as well as recommend them to others. Timely response, affordable proposal, arrived on the job as promised, precision work, commendable customer satisfaction follow-up. Did what they said they would when they said they would do it! Nice job Double J Fencing!

~ J. Stevens, Florence MT

The crew arrived on schedule and worked hard. When I had my own business a few clients told me that I didn’t charge enough. I don’t need to offer you the same advice! Well satisfied with the product, the service and the company overall! Very likely to contact Double J Fencing for future fencing need and very likely to recommend to others!

~   R. Alford, Victor MT

We saw Double J Fencing, Inc. at our neighbor’s job site and decided to hire them.  We are very happy with the product and service received and were so satisfied with the company overall that we have already had them back and also plan to have them do more jobs for us in the future! Our experience with Double J Fencing, Inc. was excellent!

~ S. Sherick, Missoula MT

I did an online search and found Double J Fencing, Inc. and hired them for our fencing project. I had a very good experience with them.  Their prices aren’t the lowest, but quality and service are exceptional so it’s still a good value fence. I am very satisfied with the service received. The team is great at keeping the client informed of the status of things. Very likely to recommend and contact them for future fencing needs, in fact, they have done several jobs for me in the meantime.

~  C. Robbins, Victor MT  

We are a returning customer and decided to use Double J Fencing, Inc. again because we were very satisfied with the product and service received and very satisfied with the company overall. They are prompt, professional and the communication is good. We would definitely recommend them to others and use them again for future fencing needs. Thanks!

~ J. Stevens, Florence MT 

We looked up Double J Fencing, Inc. in the Yellow Pages. After numerous “outs” and partial quotes, we decided to go with my gut. A fellow retired serviceman of 30 years, Scott and I just were the right fit. So we hired Double J Fencing, Inc. on merit and what I saw to be a personal commitment to customer satisfaction. Our words cannot express our ultimate feelings as to how satisfied we are. You have put that above and beyond a bed of roses around us. We did not feel like we were treated like customers. We truly felt like you treated us like family and we truly mean “FAMILY”. I know of no other fencing company I would trust to do what we needed and your crew far exceeded your word, through few but some changing times and weather glitches, thanks so much. We are very likely to contact you for our future fencing needs and as far as we are concerned, you guys & gals at Double J are the BEST at what you do. Through all adversities, you overcome them all. Our experience with Double J Fencing, Inc. was very enjoyable, maybe in the future, we will be able to do our rear fence and will definitely use your services. Keep on doing what you are doing. And I think from observations that some of the other local companies should take some lessons from you guys. Thanks again!

~ R & T Canfield, Florence MT